Essential Oils For Combination Skin

2 04 2009

Essential oils can be used to keep skin healthy and treat all the different skin types.  To treat combination skin and keep it healthy, it has to be treated like the two different types of skin it is.  Oily skin needs deep cleansing and to be toned using astringents.  Dry skin needs gentle cleansing and to be lubricated.  Both types of skin need to be moisturized.    Essential oils can be used to treat both types of skin and to keep skin in general healthy.


General Use of Essential Oils


While essential oils are excellent for keeping skin healthy, it must be diluted prior to use.  Using undiluted essential oil can harm your skin.  There are many ways to dilute essential oils, the way they will be used will determine the best dilution method.  Essential oils can be mixed with lotion, creams, or natural carrier oils like sesame,grape seed, or apricot oils; or put a few drops in a warm bath and soak for ten to fifteen minutes. 


No matter the skin type, the skin on your face needs to be moisturized.  For combination skin, use a light moisturizer with a couple drops of either geranium or lavender oil mixed in.  Remember, essential oils are highly concentrated, so not very much is going to be used.  It is probably best to mix and entire container with a few drops of the oil of your choice rather than trying to mix in the oils for each use.


Treating Oily Skin


An advantage to oily skin is that it ages more slowly than other skin types.  The temptation when dealing with oily skin is to use a harsh cleanser to strip away the oil and leave dry skin.  The cleansers that accomplish this tend to have alcohol or other chemicals that strip away too much oil.  The skin reacts to the removal of too much oil by making even more than it was making before.  So using harsh cleansers tends to end up making the problem worse than it was before the use of the harsh cleanser.  The key is to remove all the dirt and impurities and only the excess oil, this way the skin doesn’t go into overdrive making oil.  Also avoid products make your skin feel tight and dry.  The tightness in the skin keeps oil from flowing out of the skin, which causes blocked pores and breakouts.


The right approach to treating oily skin if to use a gentle cleanser frequently and a deep cleanser once a week.  Essential oils can bring balance to the skin by reducing the sebum production.  It is best to wash oily skin with hot water which helps prevent the pores from becoming clogged and  dissolves the excess oil.  Washing your face two or three times a day might be in order, but avoid washing too many times as this will strip away too much of the oil which will cause the skin to overproduce oil, making the problem worse than before.  It is possible to buy cleansers with essential oils already in them, or to add a drop of your own.  Once a week use a deep cleansing mud or clay mask with a drop of essential oil added if it does not already have it.  When washing your face, use the tips of your fingers and use and up and out motion.  The following essential oils are recommended for oily skin:








Treating Dry Skin


It is best to cleanse dry skin with mineral water instead of tap water.  The deposits in tap water can dry the skin further.  Room temperature mineral water spritzed from a clean spray bottle is the best way to wet and rinse the dry skin areas of your face.  Dry skin requires very gentle cleansing, avoid using soap on dry skin, it removes the oil the skin needs along with the dirt it doesn’t.  Avoid cleansers that have a high alkaline content and strong commercial cleansers. 


Treating dry skin gently and with plenty of moisture will keep it healthy.  Add a drop of an essential oil that is recommended for dry skin to a cream cleanser and wash your face twice with it.  Rinse completely after the first washing then leave a light film after the second to keep the moisture locked into the skin.  After a shower, apply a light layer of baby oil to the skin to keep in the moisture gained.  Essential oils can be added to any skin care products in small amounts.  The following are essential oils that are recommended for dry skin:










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2 04 2009
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…Once a week use a deep cleansing mud or clay mask with a drop of essential oil added if it does not already have it. When washing your face, use the ……

30 04 2009

Hi, good post. I have been wondering about this issue,so thanks for sharing. I will definitely be subscribing to your blog.

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